Car Interior

In today’s automotive industry interior components are clearly divided into plastic, soft trim, decorative and electro-mechanical components with a high assembly content. All the different components are manufactured with the respective processes and have to be assembled together afterwards. This requires the time consuming, and costly, development and fine-tuning of interfaces between these components. TERASEL makes it possible to deliver modular components with all the functionality integrated from the start, reducing the assembly complexity, integration cost, and time to market.

Consumer Electronics

An important trend in consumer electronics over the past decade was the reduction of size and weight. There is no reason why this will change in the near future. TERASEL makes it possible to cut the size of products even further by embedding the circuit boards directly in the product’s outer shell. Because no cumbersome assemblies are needed to mount the circuit board, this results in a direct weight reduction making devices more portable than ever before.

User Interfaces

Relying on Quad and plastic electronic’s extensive expertise and long standing experience in this field the TERASEL technology opens up a new world to user interface designers. A world where the form is no longer dictated by manufacturing limits, where interacting with a device is no longer a distraction. Smooth effortless interactions between man and machine become possible by integrating the sensors and actuators themselves in the product’s skin. No longer are cumbersome assemblies necessary to achieve this goal.


LED lighting is taking the market by storm. It is expected that by 2020 at least 75% of the traditional lighting will be replaced by LEDs. Together with Philips Lighting’s extensive LED portfolio and world leading experience on lighting, TERASEL offers architects and interior designers unprecedented freedom,
and the ability to place LED’s where they are needed the most.